Wednesday, 17 March 2010

This afternoon I visited White Laith Primary School where Nicola Sheerin and her team are doing great things...

It's a great school. The atmosphere is calm, purposeful and well-managed with some great provision in the early years. The children are wonderful , particularly Year 2 and I'll tell you about them in the next post.

The things that make White Laith Primary School so good are...

  • strong, focused and passionate leadership;
  • talented, energetic and enthusiastic individuals;
  • great early years provision;
  • a bright, stimulating and attractive learning environment;
  • dynamic teaching and learning within a nurturing climate;
  • tracking of children's progress and achievements;
  • early, appropriate and focused interventions; and
  • great children.

This is a wonderful learning place with a great learning environment and an excellent team who are releasing a special kind of White Laith magic.


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