Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I was in London today for a London Business Forum event...

'Be the change you want to see in the world'

Dirk Gilleard, Dee Reid and I attended a great morning with Sir Ken Robinson who was talking about talent management. Ken inspired us all at the Education Leeds annual lecture last November and we were keen to here him again and talk to him about the North of England Education Conference coming to Leeds in 2012.

'Imagination is the most powerful force on earth'

Ken talked about the period of unprecedented change we are facing, the crisis in human resources and the need to manage talent to release potential. He also argued that most people simply don't know what they are capable of. He said that it was sad that most people don't love what they do but some of us were incredibly lucky individuals because we love our jobs. Being good at something, he argued, isn't a good enough reason to do it... you need to love what you do. He encouraged us to go back to basics and identify what is at the heart of our work; really understand what is our core business and then make sure that everything we add to that business doesn't in any way distract from it or take anything away from it.

Ken suggested that we create a 'learning academy' in our organisations to share expertise and develop collective understanding on every aspect of the organisations work. We need to create a culture of innovation, rethink leadership and nurture creativity and talent. He shared some research from the United States where 1500 children were tested for their creativity:
  • at 3 - 5 years old 98% were creative/divergent thinkers;
  • at 8 - 110 years old 32% were creative/divergent thinkers;
  • at 13 - 15 years old 10% were creative/divergent thinkers;
  • at 25+ years old only 2% were creative/divergent thinkers.
What on earth happens to drive out creativity, innovation and talent? His message at the end of the session was that we need to understand, nurture and develop the unique and extraordinary potential within each and everyone of us.

Now where have I heard that before?


Adele Beeson said...

what on earth happens?

Education happens!!!!

Anonymous said...

I suppose it depends what the research classed as creative/divergent thinking.