Sunday, 7 March 2010

Yorkshire Evening Post 2010 “Best in School” Awards

The Yorkshire Evening Post wants to use their "Best in School" awards to celebrate success and give recognition not just to the teachers but to all the other members of staff that help make our primary schools such brilliant places...

That’s why we’re supporting the first Yorkshire Evening Post 2010 "Best in School" Awards, to honour some of the city’s unsung heroes from the world of education. The awards will be focusing on the human side of schooling - the people and activities that change lives or put smiles on pupils’, parents’ and colleagues’ faces. They’ve come up with 13 categories which recognise the hard work that goes into making the city’s primary schools the special places they are and the people who make a difference.

The categories are:

Best Lunch-time Assistant of the Year

Best Lollypop Man or Lady of the Year

Best Caretaker of the Year

Best Teaching Assistant of the Year

Best Volunteer of the Year

Best Secretary or Receptionist of the Year

Best Head Teacher of the Year

Best After-schools Club of the Year

Best Mentor of the Year

Best Sports Team of the Year

Best Individual Sports Player of the Year

Best Class Project of the Year

Best Teacher of the Year

There are prizes across the board. All you have to do is ask yourself who and what deserves a gold star, then simply fill in the nomination form. You'll find the nomination forms on the Yorkshire Evening Post website at

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