Saturday, 6 March 2010

My colleague Tracy Waud sent me this e-mail last night...

"Dear Chris, Just wanted to share with you that I went to Colton Primary Class 5 'good work' assembly today to see my daughter Alix and her friends. The class have been working on the theme of music during the last half term and the children demonstrated (and played) the instruments which they had made out of bits of drainpipe, wood, paper, copper pipe etc with one of them conducting this wonderful orchestra. They also did a fantastic 'wake up shake up' routine which I really wanted to join in with! The children had huge fun doing their performance with such energy and the biggest smiles you can imagine. The rest of the children (and adults) watching the assembly were captivated. It was so lovely to see the effort and enthusiasm and a great end to a difficult week. Makes you appreciate what you've got. Regards, Tracy"

It has been a difficult week and I am grateful to Tracy for reminding me what it is all about. I have also been in some incredible schools this week and these are the things we will all remember long after Education Leeds has gone!

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