Monday, 1 March 2010

I started the day at a brilliant little school...

I had been asked by my colleague Jill Harland, headteacher at Brudenell Primary School, to talk to her children at one of her inspirational assemblies about my job, my life and how I had reached my goals. It was wonderful to visit the school for this assembly and to talk to Jill and walk around the school and meet some of Jill's children and some of Jill's colleagues.

This is a great school; diverse, vibrant and a real oasis of talent, imagination and potential. I was deeply impressed by Jill's passion, energy and enthusiasm, by her wonderful children, the calm, friendly and purposeful atmosphere, the rigour and focus, the attractive and stimulating learning environment, the Foundation Stage provision, the FAB groups and so much more. This is a great school with a great team who are clearly releasing a very special magic.

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