Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My colleague Rosie Molinari, our School Meal Strategy Adviser, sent me this...

'Hello Chris, just a note to try to cheer you up. The launch of the free school meals film today was a huge success – we secured good media coverage and the pupils, parents, governors & Cllr Harker were really impressed with the films.

The child poverty action group (CPAG) sent us this message "I think this constitutes a really original way to raise understanding about child poverty within the education system in general and schools in particular. This particular initiative is great, because greater awareness on issues around FSM should have an impact on school policy on charging etc. I have to say, I think educational inclusion is extremely hard to achieve when poor parents are being so relentlessly stigmatised and blamed in the madia - so we should send it to politicians as well. This is something I feel passionately about as you know, so I may well be asking you to write an article about this piece of work within that wider context. I think this is a fantastically innnovative initiative, and if there is anything we can do to support and publicise this work, please do let us know."

I have dropped off the DVD in your office – I know you are terribly busy at the moment, but I am sure you will enjoy the films – each last about 1 minute each. They will be disseminated out to schools this next week – but launched on the national network today and will be shown in thousands of GP surgeries. Regards, Rosie.'

This is a hugely important piece of work and the films are brilliant.


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