Friday, 5 March 2010

I popped into one of my favourite schools this afternoon...

I visited Templenewsam Halton Primary School as they were having their celebration assembly and they had aked me if I could come and present some prizes to some of the children. I was great to see my colleague Kay Crellin, the simply amazing headteacher of this great little primary school, who told me about the wonderful work they have been doing with the Council's Highways Team to encourage children to walk, cycle, bus or scoot to school. This pilot project has seen a huge increase in children and their parents and carers getting out of their cars and using more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of getting to school. Over 150 scooters have been given out and Monday will see the whole area flooded with children travelling to school on their scooters.

Kay is retiring this Summer after a lifetime's commitment and this week also saw the appointment of the new headteacher. I had also taken some flowers for Karen Patel, the school's deputy headteacher, who had just been appointed to be headteacher at this fantastic school. A brilliant appointment!

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