Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I visited Bramham Primary School this afternoon...

I haven't visited the school for a long time but it was great to be back. I was met by Janet Hart, Acting Headteacher, Janet Gregson, Vice-Chair of Governors and some of the other governors who wanted to talk to me about their plans to federate with Shadwell Primary School. Janet showed me the two classes at work and it was very obvious that the school provides a very safe and caring environment for some wonderful children.

The governors remembered my last visit where I told them that they needed to work to get the numbers up to 100 to create a viable and successful small village primary school. Numbers are increasing with 13 children expected in September into reception and the school is planning before and after school provision to meet the needs of working parents.

Very small schools are wonderful if somewhat challenging places. Every child is at the heart of provision and every colleague, particularly the headteacher, needs to be able to juggle. It is wonderful to meet such an ethusiastic group of governors whose commitment, passion and hard work hopefully will encourage more parents to use the school.

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