Saturday, 17 July 2010

I received this e-mail from my colleague Rachael Holdgate who is the Centre Manager at the White Rose Learning Centre...

"Dear Chris, having just returned from hosting my 21st Presentation Evening at the White Rose Learning Centre, I really wanted to share what I have just had the privilege to witness. Our end of term celebration was hosted in the usual public domain of the White Rose Shopping Centre and in front of a spectacular audience of approximately 300 people, made up of young people, school staff, colleagues, sponsors, partners, artists, mentors and shoppers! As the evening progressed, the audience grew!

You have attended one of our events in the past and you already know how energetic they are and how the young peoples' enthusiasm is simply contagious. However I can honestly say this was the best one yet! There were smiles all round as young people were congratulated on their achievements and received their goody bags from the White Rose Management. The applause was infectious as talented young people from Bruntcliffe High and Hunslet St Mary's performed live. Our colleagues from schools and clusters remarked on the positive impact our daytime and Study Support provision has had on their most needy of families. Parents comments were of absolute pride in seeing their child receive credit for 100% attendance or performing with confidence in front of an audience. The number of young people, parents and schools asking for more was quite overwhelming.

The complex but successful partnership of our stakeholders from the statutory, corporate and voluntary sectors was evident and very well represented. In particular the support from our hosts, the White Rose Shoppig Centre was above and beyond expectation and very much appreciated. We were joined by the duty manager of the Shopping Centre who was blown away by the attendance and enthusiasm and Guy Harris of Real Radio provided some entertainment whilst praising the young people on their success.

The highlight of the evening was when the Most Outstanding Pupil Award was announced and the winner, Oliver Blackburn (Bruntcliffe High) leapt from his seat and paraded around the stage showing off his prize with pride! This evening captured everything that Study Support and the White Rose Learning Centre stands for: achievement, confidence, engagement, enrichment and pride. It cannot be allowed to stop. Rachael."

Rachael is a talented and outstanding colleagues and her team do a brilliant job at the White Rose Learning Centre. We are blessed here in Leeds to have colleagues and centres like this releasing their magic for young people at the heart of the communities that need us most. Rachael is right that we have to find ways to sutain and further develop our amazing Learning Centres which are making such a difference to children and young people's outcomes, achievement, confidence, engagement, enrichment and pride.


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