Thursday, 15 July 2010

The last couple of days have been full of meetings...

However, this morning during a quiet moment, waiting for colleagues whose trains have been delayed, I visited the EVOLVE website at to look at some of our wonderful butterfly collection. These little snippets provide us with a window to view the magic colleagues are releasing in their classrooms. It is great to be able to watch some of the brilliant things our talented colleagues are doing in schools and centres across the city on this amazing website. If you haven't visited you've missed out on another area where Education Leeds and its partners are doing some extraordinary work.

My favourites from my visit were:
  • Pudsey Waterloo Primary School's Foundation Stage ICT;
  • Harewood Primary Schools's Blogging;
  • Alwoodley Primary School's Learning Experience;
  • Temple Moor High School's Design Technology;
  • Whitecote Primary School's Multi-media History.


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