Saturday, 17 July 2010

When I visited Quarry Mount Primary School, as I was walking around the school with Jordan I saw a wonderful piece of writing about William Blake...

I then received this email from Jordan and his teacher Andrew Howdle:
"Dear Chris, thank you for attending the Art Exhibition today. It was really good of you to give up your time for us. Here is the Blake text from our display.

William Blake believed education was out of balance. Too much faith was put in reason. For Blake, the balance included Reason, Emotion, Love and Motion. He called these four balances the Zoas. In one of his early pictures, Blake showed education as an Old Man. The Golden Boy of Reason just sits and copies what he is told. The Silver Girl of Motion, however, raises her hand towards the sky. She points to the wider vision beyond Reason. She questions.

Education obsessed Blake for the whole of his life. He disliked what he called Newton’s “single sight”. He believed in double sight, in seeing life from opposite points of view and making dialogue. For Blake, there was no Good and Evil, God and Devil. Both were necessary for thinking. The Devil, for Blake, was challenge and emotion; God was agreement and reason. Blake anticipated the two sides of the brain: right/creativity and law breaking; left/organisation and law making. Blake believed that energy had to be controlled (chaining the Bad Angel) and obedience had to be broken (freeing the God Angel). Blake’s ideas were in front of his time.

Kindest wishes to you. We will sort out the picture "The Sphinx" for you. It sort of is all about speaking and spreading messages, exactly what you do. It is about making new sphinx magic! Best wishes, Jordan and Andrew Howdle."

Those of you who know me well know that I love art and while I was at Quarry Mount Primary School Andrew and his class gave me a picture they had produced as a class called 'The Sphinx' and it is fantastic and will have pride of place back at base.

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