Friday, 10 September 2010

After lunch I visited Seven Hills Primary School in Morley...

I had been invited by my colleague Pauline Potter, headteacher at this great little school, to their 'Investors in Pupils' party to celebrate their success in achieving this brilliant standard. Everyone had made a mask and the party was outside where, despite a forecast of light rain, the sun shone. The celebration was attended by the Mayor of Morley, Councillor Paul Cook, who has already been incredibly supportive of the Morley schools during his term of office. We were entertained by the steel pans of the Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows who were great before each year group did a brief performance which after only one week back at school was brilliant. The passion, enthusiasm and ability amongst the staff team was incredible to watch as they encouraged and sang and danced with their classes of wonderful little people.

Pauline has achieved something really special over the last three years at Seven Hill Primary School. The school is popular and over subscribed, the building has been transformed and the results are good and improving. More importantly there is a real warmth, a real energy and a culture of creativity, innovation and excellence nurtured through Pauline's strong and highly effective leadership. This is a school where the team are releasing the magic and it was on show there this afternoon for anyone who was prepared to look.

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