Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Over the last few weeks a great team of colleagues have all contributed in some way to help the Education Leeds reception to maintain high levels of customer service over the summer break and at the start of school year one of our busiest and most challenging times...

As you know, Education Leeds is about excellence and Sam Pullan, Ben Foley, Lindsey Crossfield, Jane Elliott, Jinan Mussa, Louise Montgomery, Tina Brown, Camille Wilkinson, Zuki Savage, Shakeela Iqbal, James Mason, Althea Brown, Jenny Marshall, Tracy Waud, Misbah Akbar, Tracey Daysh, Carol Armitage, Sarah Dickinson, Rebecca Radford, Linda Seal, Mari Connolly, Margaret Dalby and Emma Mayhall have demonstrated what we are about and how our shared commitment, determination and hard work as a team delivers time and again.

These colleagues have helped and supported and always been willing to lend a hand. Education Leeds is an extraordinary organisation because of brilliant colleagues like these.

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