Tuesday, 28 September 2010


This afternoon I visited Hugh Gaitskell Primary School...

I tend to visit the school every year and the last time I visited Hugh Gaitskell Primary School was for the official opening of their brilliant new garden and playground last year. Margaret and her team have made more progress, since that visit, opening a new community room, office, staff room, teaching areas and a primary age inclusion unit building on the excellent work they do with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Walking around the school building you realise that the staff team work really hard to create an exciting and stimulating learning environment for the children particularly in the early years.

I had been invited to talk to the governing body about the challenges they face with their building. We agreed, in the light of limited additional resources being available, that we should develop a planned and systematic approach, building on what has already been achieved, to address the remaining issues over time using the school's own devolved capital.

Margaret and her colleagues are doing some amazing things at the school balancing wonderful care, guidance and support, a fantastic learning culture and high quality early years provision which will continue to secure better standards and improve learning outcomes.


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