Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I moved on to the South SILC Broomfield to see John Fryer, the new principal, who I had met over breakfast earlier this term...

I visited the South SILC in June before John took up his post to see the transformation that had happened at the SILC supported by colleagues from the East SILC whose passion, commitment, determination and hard work had really made an extraordinary difference as evidenced by the OFSTED judgements which identified the South SILC as a good school with outstanding features. I was really impressed by the improvements that have been made to the building and the bright, attractive and stimulating learning environment that the team have created despite the real challenges the building presents which must remain one of our highest priorities.
We must maintain our relentless and uncompromising focus on improving the learning landscape particularly for the very special group of children who attend the SILCs. The new children's services arrangements provide us with an opportunity to re-imagine, re-engineer and remodel our special needs provision around these centres of excellence. We know that we must continue to further develop the SILC estate and connect with provision in mainstream schools based on the outstanding provision we have already established at Windmill Primary School and Rodillian School.

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