Wednesday, 6 October 2010


This afternoon I attended Headteacher Forum with Nigel Richardson, our new Director of Children's Services...

Nigel talked passionately to colleagues about his vision for a 'Child Friendly City' based on the UNICEF Child Friendly City initiative. Which is a city, or more generally a system of local governance, committed to fulfilling children's rights, including their right to:
  • Influence decisions about their city
  • Express their opinion on the city they want
  • Participate in family, community and social life
  • Receive basic services such as health care and education
  • Drink safe water and have access to proper sanitation
  • Be protected from exploitation, violence and abuse
  • Walk safely in the streets on their own
  • Meet friends and play
  • Have green spaces for plants and animals
  • Live in an unpolluted environment
  • Participate in cultural and social events
  • Be an equal citizen of their city with access to every service, regardless of ethnic origin, religion, income, gender or disability
A child friendly city is the embodiment of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child at the local level, which in practice means that children’s rights are reflected in policies, laws, programmes and budgets.

Nigel also talked about simplifying things with a relentless focus on vision, outcomes, priorities and action. He urged us to ask ourselves the 'so what?' question. We need to know what it is like as a child growing up in Leeds and how together we can make it better! He also urged colleagues to ask everyone how they are contributing to making Leeds a great place for children young people and families.

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