Monday, 29 November 2010


Well the weather outside is certainly frightful and from looking at the weather forecasts there is more cold weather and snow on the way...

Sadly the snow didn't stop me getting in today but I have damaged my back again. I have had a disc problem for a long time but it hasn't been a problem recently. Once I get started it's generally OK but if I sit still or lie down I get stuck and it's almost impossible to move in the morning. Sorry to those schools who were expecting me today. I will try to get in tomorrow if I can move!


Anonymous said...

Sorry you hear you have hurt your back.
I once hurt my back following a bout of absinthe fuelled peccadillos in my youth. Very painful and not the sort of thing a chap can be proud of.

Like you, I too was immobile and it took three days to get out of the bath.

I suggest the immediate application of a poultice made of linseed oil, tequila and oyster sauce.
I had a similar medication applied by a young lady of possibly Cuban origin and it cured me in a jiffy, I can tell you.

Sadly the time of your 'demise' draws near and I fear that you and Mrs Chris will fritter these autumn years shopping in bric-a-brac emporiums or taking up unusual pastimes, such as model train making or counting goats.
Be brave and do not let your razor sharp intellect go to waste.

Your everloving

'The Oaf'

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Oaf,
You've been missed!
I look forward to seeing you again before I leave Leeds.
Best wishes