Thursday, 2 December 2010


I haven't managed to get in again today but it wasn't the snow that stopped me...

I was eventually ejected from Merrion House yesterday afternoon at 4.00 and after having coffee at Costa with my colleagues Wendy Winterburn and Carolyn Eyre I set off to dig my car out of the car park at Belgrave House. That was the mistake I made! My car was covered by about ten centimetres of dry powdery snow and as I was clearing it off I damaged my back again. It was relatively easy to get home but I had a terrible night and I am struggling this morning to get moving. It's a catch twenty two problem because to stop the pain and the ache I need to move and stretch which if I am not careful can just make it worse.

I am again sorry to those colleagues who were expecting me today... I will try again tomorrow for the STEPS Celebration.

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