Sunday, 28 November 2010


I finished the day on Friday at Woodkirk High Specialist Science School...

My colleague Jonathan White, Headteacher at Woodkirk High Specialist Science School, had invited me to present the certificates and awards at their Awards Ceremony. It was a real honour to be asked by Jonathan to be part of this very special evening and to present the certificates and awards to some fantastic young people. Dennis Fisher introduced the evening for the fourteenth time as chair of governors which is an incredible achievement. We also had wonderful performances by the Upper School Choir who sang 'Happy Ending', 'Flying Home' and 'We are the Champions'. 

The school achieved some extraordinary GCSE results this year; their best ever GCSE results placing the school amongst the most successful and highest achieving comprehensive schools in Leeds. The school is a Science College and the specialism has clearly made a huge impact alongside the work they have been doing in sport, music and the arts and their community. The Class of 2010 were very clearly everything you could want from a group of young people... talented, gorgeous, brilliant and wonderful and it was great to share this very special evening with the team at Woodkirk.

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