Sunday, 7 January 2007

Another weekend over... the weeks fly by and the weekends seem to go even faster. I had a strange week last week... it's the usual thing at the beginning of a new term or a new year... mountains of paper, great lists of e-mails, things to catch up on, things to remember, things to forget, things to finish off and things to start.
Four things made it a really special week...
... the training event for the new Parent Support Advisers;
... a meeting with the parents of a boy with special educational needs;
... the Prize Giving and Presentation Evening at Morley High School; and
... the visit with Martin Wainwright from the Guardian newspaper to Carr Manor High School.
And at the heart of each of these little bits of action were people who are dramatically changing what we do... Wendy Winterburn, Tommy, John Townsley and Simon Flowers. These are people who make this job so special and constantly remind me that we are about making a real difference to the lives, the expectations and the outcomes we achieve for children and young people here in Leeds.
We must continue to connect, communicate, share and learn from people like Wendy, John and Simon. People whose passion, commitment, energy, leadership and determined hard work are changing the world and releasing a very special kind of magic.

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