Friday, 12 January 2007

The Education Leeds Leadership Team started the day at New Bewerley Community Primary School. It is a brilliant building and we were shown round by Patrick Wilkins, the headteacher, and some of his colleagues. The really amazing building contains a Children's Centre and a SILC (our term for a special school) Partnership area as well as the primary school... this is the future and it is wonderful.

Patrick's Learning Team have done an amazing job... the classrooms are bright, attractive and wonderfully stimulating places. It's true that the future isn't secured by fabulous buildings, though it certainly helps. The future is secured by talented colleagues who bring fabulous building alive and create brilliant learning places for our little learners. The challenge that Patrick and his colleagues must now address, with our help and support, is how do we deliver truly transformational learning and achieve fantastic outcomes for these children.

Patrick certainly believes that it is possible...
...together we must...
"Set the goal and invent the way;
Set the goal and make it happen."

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Julia Norton said...

As a former headteacher in South Leeds, who had positive links with both Greenwood and Hillside primaries, I know what a difference the opening of New Bewley will make. I wish Patrick and his team all the best in the new school.