Wednesday, 10 January 2007

It's funny but the only thing about blogging, and it is much the same with the InfoBase system, you can never be sure that there is anyone out there or that you are talking to anyone. It's the great things about managing by walking about... you see people's eyes and you can pick up their body language. As you walk about you can listen to colleagues concerns, their issues and their worries and hopefully get told about their successes, their achievements and the things that give them the WOW factor. Please let me know if you are reading this and if it is worth my while spending time trying to connect with more of the talented, brilliant, gorgeous and wonderful people who make Education Leeds and education in Leeds such a fantastically successful operation.


jonfromoz said...

Hi Chris,
Firstly as you know I do not work for Education Leeds but I do share your values. I can only say this: I have known you now for just a year or so and during that time have seen and experienced your inspirational and passionate commitment to what you do. I consider myself as passionate and highly motivated with what I do also. Opening your thoughts, opinions and views to the world like you are now doing with this blogg is a great step- please keep going with this and be patient as it will take time to become a large discussion forum as others become aware of it and contribute. We have worked together in Sweden, England an Latvia during the last year or so and I can confirm that your views are highly regarded this side of the north sea so you may get a number of inputs from Sweden.
All the best
John Ellard, ICG, Sweden

Roy said...

Hi Chris
Yes, people do read what you write. And yes, sometimes it differs (just a bit!) from our view of the world. But keep the blogs coming, without your positive outlook life would be bleak, especially after getting news like today from Mr Bush. Education, mainly in the form of inspirational teachers, changed my life, and we can make it do the same for thousands of kids in Leeds.