Friday, 12 January 2007

I spent the afternoon at Blackgates Primary School. Elaine Kay-Devanney, the headteacher, had invited me to their Stephen Lawrence Education Standard Assembly. Kay's letter said that they had been working with Intake High School and Brigshaw High School to create something special which she hoped that I would enjoy.

The assembly was opened and closed by Zoe and Ben who started by asking who was Stephen Lawrence... Year Six danced to celebrate inclusion in action, musicians from the Advanced Orchestra and the Advanced Recorders played, the School Choir sang "Sing" adnd "Use me", 3J did a dramatic presentation on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Child, 3CW4 did a dramatic presentation, with a parachute, on the Colours of the Rainbow, 3PH4 did a dramatic presentation with poems on Racism and a young woman from 5E talked about her school days in Nigeria. We then had a fabulous performance by students from Intake High School. Year six students then did a dramatic presentation on the murder of Stephen Lawrence which ahd been performed by students from Brigshaw High School at the last Stephen Lawrence Education Standard Presentations. Zoe and Ben finally asked us all "What next" and the assembly finished with the children singing their "Song for Peace.

Incredible things like this are rare, even in my life, and some people were simply reduced to tears by an amazing group of children whose confidence, passion and enthusiasm shone through everything they did. The whole thing was conducted like a military operation... slick, polished and professional. The choir was outstandingly good... I haven't heard children sing like that for a long time. The whole thing was a powerful and emotional experience which touched everyone there. This had the WOW factor in bucketloads... great children taught, lead and encouraged by an amazing learning team and a fantastic headteacher.

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