Thursday, 8 February 2007

Another day, another brilliant school...

I visited St Joseph's Catholic Primary School today and it is another little jewel tucked away behind Pudsey Grangefield High School. Angela Rushall and her team have created a brilliant learning place... and the ethos and atmosphere are simply wonderful. I visited the school because Angela had told me about their 'Wake Up and Shake Up' programme which takes place at 8.30 every morning but I had also heard, on the grapevine, about their locally sourced school meals. It's a really impressive thing for a small school to source all it's food locally and to take back their school meals service and really invest in getting lunchtimes right... and the news must have got round because Angela and the cook have been asked to go down to London to meet Prince Charles! They are also trialling the new LLN learning platform, have a unit for 3 year olds, use Higher Level Teaching Assistants really well and are doing some incredible work with children with special educational needs. Angela and her talented team are certainly releasing a very special kind of magic at St Joseph's.

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