Tuesday, 6 February 2007

'Of some of our teachers who inspired us most, we remember what they cared about, and that they cared about us, and the person we might become. It is the quality of caring about ideas and values, the fascination with the potential for growth within people, this depth and fervour about doing things well and striving for excellence , that comes closest to what I mean in describing a 'passionate' teacher.'
Robert Fried

Are these the jigsaw pieces needed to build brilliant learning places?

my starter for ten... a brilliant leader who leads by example, a great learning team who value each other and the children, an inspiring and creative learning environment which celebrates and stimulates, high quality learning programmes that reach every child, strong and positive relationships built on trust and understanding of each and every learner, fantastic teaching targeted to reach every learner, a dynamic coaching culture around the children and the learning team, high expectations of the children and the learning team, high quality family learning programmes which reach every family, an outstanding study support programme which enriches and enhances the core offer and powerful and intelligent accountability systems that use data and information to drive research, improvement and outcomes.

Let me know what do you want to add, to delete or to modify?

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