Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Another early start... another brilliant school...

I started the day at Asquith Primary School where Gill Austerfield and her team are doing something really special. For those of you who don't know the school it's a PfI building and it is a wonderful building brought alive by some incredibly talented colleagues who have simply created a fantastic learning environment and a brilliant learning place.

Two highlights lit up my visit to Asquith Primary School... the School Council and the 'Incredible Years' Group...

I sat in on the School Council who were brilliantly supported by Nicola Redfern. Mollie, Thomas, Max, Sienna, Amy and Joshua are the School Council and they discussed elections, fruit suppliers, their healthy tuck shop, buddies and tackling racism... these are some wonderful young people who are clearly changing the world at Asquith Primary School for the better!

I then was delighted to be asked to present certificates to a group of parents who had completed the 'Incredible Years' Programme. This brilliant parenting programme is run by Elaine Hartley and Marge Oldfield and is clearly making a real difference to parents and carers.

Gill and her team have built something incredible at Asquith Primary School and are releasing a very special kind of magic.

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