Monday, 5 February 2007

OK then... challenge number one...

I spent a couple of hours last week looking at a case study to try to see what we can do about children exhibiting the most complex and challenging behaviour... children who are involved with our colleagues, with social services and with the police and are causing havoc in their communities. I am grateful to Tony Armitage and his talented colleagues for putting this into perspective for me and offering to take me on a home visit! What do we do then about the huge number of children, like Callum and Kyle, who are right at the edge of the education system? How do we help this family... a family coping with worklessness and poverty, and part of a network of families marginalised and forgotten by services, living in poor housing and surrounded by crime and drugs. I can't believe that it is hopeless... what can we do for this family to make a real difference.

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