Tuesday, 15 May 2007

I had lunch today with Paul Napier, the Editor, and Nicola Megson, the Deputy Editor, of the Yorkshire Evening Post...

I have never been frightened of the truth and I have always been keen to develop the relationship with the team at the Evening Post. Of course, I accept that they should hold us to account but it is increasingly important that they fully understand the issues and the context... and we must ALL work at that with Paul, Nicola, Ian Rosser and the team at the Evening Post.

It's funny but I think the thing you learn, whenever you spend time with the so called 'dark forces' and the opposition, is that they are not that dark and that they, like us, care about the important things, the things that really matter here in Leeds... ensuring that our young people are happy, healthy, safe and increasingly successful, empowering local communities, developing strong relationships with partners, delivering powerful information to the people of Leeds, celebrating and building the image of our great city and constantly searching for the truth.

The truth is that Paul and Nicola are bright, talented and challenging colleagues who now owe me a lunch!

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