Wednesday, 16 May 2007

I spent a lot of the day with Lou Tice at the Royal Armouries. It is amazing that Lou Tice can simply talk and tell his stories for two hours at a time. ...

The group in the morning was a mixture of colleagues who have completed Investment in Excellence or STEPS, those new to the programmes and a group of traveller parents from the Cottingley Traveller Site.... who were fantastic! The afternoon group was made up of colleagues who have been through the programmes and needed a refresher.

Although I was somewhat disappointed with the day and the attendance, I always learn something when I am with Lou and this time I learned that it is important to commit to 'always being a better person tomorrow than I am today' and to 'set goals to achieve your dreams'. As Lou always says
"Set the goal and invent the way.
Set the goal and make it happen."

I would welcome knowing what colleagues who attended the sessions learned and what you took away from meeting the great man? Was it a session well spent? Could it have been better?

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