Monday, 14 May 2007

I spent part of today with Margaret Coleman, Regional Executive Director at the Learning and Skills Council...

Margaret, Mike Lowe and I were going to London to see Lord Andrew Adonis about our 14 - 19 Strategy, Building Schools for Future, Academies and the FE estate. Interestingly Margaret dances to keep fit and I have just been reading some new research from the Department of Health which shows that dancing is as beneficial to our fitness and general health as mainstream sport. The benefits of dance are the same as the benefits of engaging in sport and include:
  • healthier heart and lungs;
  • reduced risk of osteoporosis;
  • better co-ordination, agility and flexibility;
  • improved balance and spacial awareness; increased physical confidence;
  • improved mental functioning;
  • increased energy expenditure.

The Benefits of Dance for All Ages is published by the Arts Council. You can find out more by visiting


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