Wednesday, 16 May 2007

I spent the evening with Lou Tice...

Lou Tice is the co-founder of The Pacific Institute, an organisation specializing in performance improvement and professional growth, change management and leadership development. The guiding principle of The Pacific Institute is that individuals, during their lifetime, have a virtually unlimited capacity for growth, change and creativity.

Here in Leeds, for the last six years, we have used The Pacific Institute programmes, Investment in Excellence, STEPS and Go for It, to teach colleagues, parents and young people how to develop and accelerate their unique individual potential by changing habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations. This, in turn, has allowed colleagues, parents and carers and young people, Education Leeds, schools and families to achieve higher levels of growth and success.

The Pacific Institute programmes focus on how the mind works, goal-setting, developing self-efficacy and unlocking potential. The Pacific Institute's work draws on, and is supported by, the work of leading researchers in the domains of cognitive psychology, leadership and culture change.

I hope to see many of you, today now, at the Royal Armouries where Lou will talk about the basis of the programmes and help us understand how we can develop coaching, ownership and take control of our lives.

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