Thursday, 19 July 2007

By the way why is it that people believe everything they read in the papers...

Surely by now most people with any sense or intellegence realise that the truth doesn't come via the media... be that the BBC, ITV, Sky, the Times, the Guardian or even the Yorkshire Eveining Post... you name it they all do it! The spin and gossip, these organisations constantly pass off as the truth, has undermined trust and confidence with almost everything that used to be important... and sadly the harder we try to be open and transparent and straightforward the worse it gets because nobody trusts anyone anymore.

Perhaps we can get back to a code of behaviour which is about trust, openness, honesty and respect. We must understand that we all have our blindspots. We must trust everyone and give them total access to everything we have. We must admit it when we don’t know the answers. We must talk to each other, talk to everyone and constantly search for better solutions to the problems we face. We must manage everything as close as possible to the young people, the schools, the parents and the communities we serve.

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