Friday, 20 July 2007

Sue Carroll contacted me with this message...

"Dear Mr. Edwards, my grandson Lewis attends Swarcliffe Primary School and has just completed his first year in reception. I have visited the school on several occasions and have attended assemblies, open evenings etc. I am extremely impressed with the general atmosphere within the school and the very caring and approachable staff. I particularly enjoyed school assembly with its focus on celebrating children’s achievements. Lewis has settled very well into the school environment and he has enjoyed his first year of formal education. Alicia (Lewis’s mum) and I very much appreciate the hard work of all the school staff especially Mrs. Hall, Lewis’s class teacher, who has been wonderful. She has shown huge commitment to Lewis and has spent lots of time out of school hours to meet with us when needed. I do know that you welcome comments and feedback and I feel strongly that parents (and grandparents) should take the opportunity to give their views. Sue Carroll"

It is fantastic when parents, carers and grandparents take the time to let me know about the brilliant things that are happening in schools across the city. I have been there recently and, Sue's right, Swarcliffe Primary School is a brilliant learning place where children like Lewis are happy, healthy, safe and increasingly successful.


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