Tuesday, 17 July 2007

I have just experienced something special and it would have restored your faith in education, in schools and in young people if you ever were to lose it...

I was invited to the 'The Italian Job', the Amazing Year 6 Restaurant at Shakespeare Primary School. The invitation said that it would be a privilege to eat at the Five Star venue and it was much more than that!

I was welcomed by the children who had all formally applied for their jobs. I was shown to my table by the Maitre D. I ordered melon, followed by spaghetti bolognese with tiramisu to finish.
The service was attentive, couteous and fast. The venue was attractive and busy. The food was well presented and really delicious. I was also invited to inspect the kitchen which was clean, professional and slick... no swearing or abuse in here! Eat your heart out Gordon Ramsay!

'We tend to get what we expect' and what is really brilliant about Julian and his colleagues at Shakespeare Primary School is that they expect so much and what is great about the children at Shakespeare Primary School is that they are brilliant. It was the experience of my week if not my term!

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