Friday, 19 October 2007

My colleague Hannah Lamplugh is Participation Officer in the Health Initiatives Team here at Education Leeds. Hannah contacted me about Local Democracy Week...

"Dear Chris, I thought you might find it useful to know what preparations we have made in order to take part in this year's Local Democracy Week which runs from 15th October - 21st October. The national theme is "Take part, take power" and once more, we are running the successful 'Mayor for a Day' initiative which has proved to be a high profile event.
This year the schools who have come forward to take part are Allerton Grange, Boston Spa, Cardinal Heenan and City Of Leeds schools

Candidates for 'Mayor for the Day' have submitted a manifesto based upon the theme of "If I were running Leeds for the day I would..." which will be focussed on such issues as: Environmental Issues; Caring for Vulnerable People; Leisure Activities for Young People.
All manifestos will appear, along with photos of the 'candidates' in the Yorkshire Evening Post today and will appear on the LCC web site for the duration of Local Democracy Week.
Please visit the website to see the manifestos at

Members of the public being invited to vote during Local Democracy Week and a dedicated email address has been set up specifically for the vote So please register your vote! The eventual winner will be invited to take tea with the Lord Mayor, wear mayoral robes and help switch on the Leeds Christmas Lights. As last year, the winner will also have the opportunity of presenting their ideas in the form of a delegation to full Council in January 2008."

This is a great initiative and I hope that colleagues will read the manifestos and vote.

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