Friday, 19 October 2007

I’ve been reflecting on the progress we’ve made...

We have actually had another great year, the Corporate Assessment says we are good and most things are ok, but progress on the important things aren’t exactly as it should be, there are frustrations and to be totally honest there are times when I wish I was somewhere else. While I recognise that I have a great job, like you I suspect not everything in my life is creative or fun, there are things that are fragile, places where progress is depressingly slow and things that are not going the way we would hope. Sadly I don’t look forward with real pleasure to every meeting and I don’t love every colleague, every head teacher and every councillor but that’s life!

This weekend and this half-term, I am going to forget about Education Leeds, forget about work, forget the highs and lows we are experiencing at the moment. Instead, I am going to remember that I am a partner, a parent, a friend to some important people and recognise that the weekend and the holiday is a time for them.

I am going to:
  • enjoy myself;
  • leave the ‘work me’ at work;
  • be myself for once;
  • accept the criticism;
  • clean the toilet;
  • talk to the people I love and care about;
  • talk nicely in case I have to eat my words.

Take care.



Milkmaid said...

Hi Chris, finally got round to reading your blog, heard a lot about it, I am a chair of Governors at a Leeds school, so this half term I am hoping to catch with a lot of governor reading, there seems to be a bit regarding new pay scales
Have a good half term yourself

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Milkmaid, I hope you had a relaxing and rewarding half term despite the reading list!
Thanks for replying and thanks for everything you are doing as chair of governors at one of our schools.