Sunday, 28 October 2007

We are launching our new Inclusive Learning Strategy this week and it is important that we all understand the importance of this piece of work...

We have been working on this agenda here in Education Leeds for the last six years and we all recognise and understand that developing inclusive practice and inclusive provision is an on-going process... a work in progress!

We are working to develop brilliant learning places: good, improving and inclusive provision where all our children, young people and adults including those with disabilities and/or learning difficulties are included and valued for what they contribute and add to our provision. We must work with our colleagues in Children's Services, Leeds City Council and other agencies to support and develop inclusive provision that helps build healthy, thriving, harmonious and inclusive communities where everyone is equally valued and has the same opportunities for participation and engagement.

How are you going to help with this agenda and support us as we build brilliantly inclusive provision for all our children and young people?

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