Wednesday, 31 October 2007

I started the day at the Royal Armouries for the second launch event for the Leeds Inclusive Learning Strategy with colleagues from Children's Services, Education Leeds, the SILCs and the PRUs, parents and carers and partners...

This is a hugely important agenda and a key piece of the jigsaw puzzle we are putting together around our children, our young people and their families. Again it isn't rocket science and while I am constantly told that we can't have a focus on standards and inclusion they are simply the same thing.

The really great thing about today was the contribution by a young woman who had been a student at Shakespeare Primary School and was now at Roundhay High School. Her story was fantastic and proved that when we have passionate advocates and people who will fight for us to get the help we all need, at different times in our lives, we can all be successful. This young woman was an inspiration to everyone at the Royal Armouries.


Oaf said...

Dear Chris

It is your chum, the friendly Oaf here.

Sorry not to have been in touch for a while, but I was stirred by your presentation at the Armouries on Inclusion. The question is - Is Inclusion obsolete now that personalisation is here?

By the way, I was cut to the quick that you passed me by without a friendly nod and a "Morning Oaf!"
I then realised that you don't know who I am, although the country yokel smock, selection of pies on a tray and dunces hat might be a giveaway.

I am most grieved to hear about your migraines. I do feel, looking at your list of things that make you happy, that the problem may lay here.
Children, coffee, red wine and dark chocolate are not well known antidotes to migraines.
You only need toasted cheese for a full house with I Spy migraines.

Mrs Oaf too is also a fan of male ballet dancers. I suspect a less intellectual and more carnal interpretation lays behind her fancy.

Lastly, thanks for cheering us up with a list of cancer avoidance strategies. For an overweight man with a prediliction for pastry wrapped comestibles and manly servings of foaming ale, this is not what I want to read.
Cheer me with tales of heroic plump people saving the world from the comfort of their chaise longue next time, if you don't mind.


Ps I have been having a game of on line scrabble with a gentleman who calls himself Lord Adonis.
He's not very good.

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Oaf,
I have missed you and wish we could have talked at the Royal Armouries. In my mind the agenda has always been about personalisation and I am disappointed that you weren't shaken by my presentation and remained simply stirred!. I would welcome the opportunity to talk it through with you and your new Scrabble friend.
Take care of yourself