Saturday, 3 November 2007

I was reading again last night, this time about the 80:20 rule...

Causes, inputs and efforts lead to results, outputs and rewards. The 80:20 principle asserts that a minority of what you do usually leads to a majority of what you achieve. Looking at it another way, 80% of what you achieve in your life comes from 20% of the time you spend doing it.

I am passionate about beautiful systems, deep research, intelligent accountability, learning organisations and the importance of discipline. The researchers Pareto, Zipf and Juran have all demonstrated the truth of the 80:20 rule. 80:20 thinking is:
  • reflective;
  • unconventional;
  • strategic;
  • ambitious;
  • confident;
  • focused on progress and outcomes.

Just think about it... the rule suggests that what you achieve in one day of your working week delivers 4 days of your results. If we could capture what that magic day was all about and increase how often it happens our outcomes would go through the roof. Our 'brilliant learning, brilliant leadership' initiative is how we begin to understand how we can go from good to great and focus on learning-centred leadership, learning organisations and learning classrooms.


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