Sunday, 28 October 2007

If the vast majority of the world’s scientists are right, we need to all work together to avoid a major catastrophe. Climate change is one of the biggest issues we face as individuals, as families, as organisations and as communities. Unless we act, we face an uncertain future or our children and grandchildren do… and it’s a catastrophe of our own making.

We all need to lead by example, and listen to our Recycling and Climate Change Champions, because we can be part of the solution… individually and collectively we can make a real difference. These are some simple things we can all do to save the world…
  • Change to low energy light bulbs;
  • Drive less… walk, cycle, car share or take the bus;
  • Recycle more… at home and here at work;
  • Use less hot water… bath with a friend;
  • Avoid buying things with lots of packaging… or unpack it and leave the packaging where you bought it;
  • Turn down your central heating… just 1C makes a real difference;
  • Plant a tree;
  • Don’t leave things on standby mode;
  • Turn off electrical devices.

But whatever you do… do something!

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