Thursday, 1 November 2007

After the event at the Royal Armouries I received this e-mail from Geoff Roberts a governor at the NW SILC...

"Hi Chris – I picked up your blog about the event at the Armouries. I was there too and want to congratulate the team on an excellent piece of engagement.

The day was thought provoking and challenging and I took a lot away to think about. We need to move this engagement process much closer to the ground - visits to governing bodies, school councils, staff meetings, etc because early and extensive involvement is the key to effective implementation – it needs to be part of the development process not merely implementation. And don't let this become an excuse for procrastination and delay - we need to move quickly to establish the vision and act on those parts that we can act upon asap. It's only when we take action that anything really changes and we are able to find out what the real obstacles are.

I am increasingly convinced that the SILCs have a future role as a centre of excellence seeking out, developing and pushing out best practice whilst also being a host site for the small number of most disadvantaged pupils requiring very special support. This will require a change of mindset within some governors, teachers and parents and may also require a new look at funding as the reality is that we can barely afford to do any of this at present.

Good luck with the journey and I will do all I can to help. Geoff Roberts

PS Hope the migraine has gone away by now."

I am grateful to Geoff for the feedback and the offer of support. This is a vitally important agenda and only a shame that more headteachers and more schools weren't represented at what was a great and really significant day.

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