Sunday, 28 October 2007

“A team of brilliant individuals is less effective than a brilliant team of individuals.”
Robert Falcon Scott

I have often said that leadership is one of the keys to unlocking the future. Whatever level you are in this organisation, people will be looking to you for guidance, motivation, encouragement and support. Leadership requires a clear shared vision and a strategic direction that engages and motivates everyone in the team. This vision must drive the culture of Education Leeds, be built into our values and behaviours and be part of everything we do. I promise to set an example for everyone and I expect everyone in the company to play their part.

I want us to continue to motivate everyone and support everyone who is doing the right things. Together we must set ourselves clear and unambiguous targets and hold each other personally accountable for getting things done.

We will never succeed by micro-managing our colleagues. We will only succeed if they are inspired, engaged and passionately believe in what we are doing. We must continue to trust colleagues, give them responsibility and let them get one with things in ways they know best.

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