Wednesday, 31 October 2007

I should have known it was coming. I should have known why I was feeling strange...

I have suffered from migraine since I was small and even though I am now on an amazing drug called Imigran sometimes I simply can't escape. It happens about twice a year and however hard I try eventually it gets me and yesterday was one of those days. It hit me like a train and I have been through hell for the last twenty four hours. I had been taking the tablets for about a week trying desperately to get over it but no way was it goingto let me off the hook.

I am sorry to those people I let down yesterday but I know that the world will have gone on without me and that my colleagues will have done a brilliant job covering my diary. Please keep the noise down and the lights low for the rest of the week!


Milkmaid said...

Migraine is awful and as you say inescapable, I only suffered it when pregnant with my middle child, who ironically still gives me headaches
Hope you are feeling better soon - glad to know you are human especially after reading about your work schedule

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Milkmaid, I am grateful for the concern about my well-being. The work schedule merely reflects my commitment to the most important resource we have... our children.
Take care