Friday, 19 October 2007

My colleague Loraine Lambert is the Learning Mentor at Farsley Farfield Primary School and Loraine sent me this e-mail...

"Dear Chris, Just reading your blog and you want to know what motivates us. I am the learning mentor at Farsley Farfield and am very proud of our school. We have just completed our Ofsted inspection, and if you read the report, we are highly praised for our innovative farm. I know other schools are starting to follow our lead (farm wise) - but we have just had our Harvest Festival complete with food harvested on our own farm by our own children, parents and staff. Our farm motivates me. I garden (badly) with children with behavioural, social or emotional issues. Our two fabulous gardeners do the most wonderful work with the children. Most of all, I am motivated by the inspiration, and dynamic leadership of Peter Harris (also praised by Ofsted).
Will you come to our school again please and see our farm now for yourself? Will you have lunch on a day when we provide our own vegetables? Please bring a recycled bag and take some produce home with you - if there's any left! Please bring with you some packets of seeds, or some cuttings, or a tree for planting, and please take a moment to look at our website. You too will be inspired. Cheers Loraine"

It is a great school and I will have to try to visit and have lunch.

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