Thursday, 20 December 2007

I received this message this afternoon from Cllr Richard Harker...

"Dear All, This year I have run out of time and failed to write Christmas Cards to you all, but before I go off for my Christmas break I had to send greetings. Genius or Hard Work? the answer to the question is....... You are all of you a GENIUS in your own right. But as Thomas Edison said Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety - nine percent perspiration.
Thank you, each and all, for you individual leadership, your one percent inspiration and your ninety - nine percent perspiration that results in services to our young people you can be proud of and of which I can boast about at every chance I get. Try to have a good rest over Christmas and recharge those batteries. 2008 looks like it could be testing. Richard"

It is great to know how much we are all appreciated!

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