Monday, 17 December 2007

We can forget how special the work we do actually is. My colleague Su Edwards, headtecaher at Raynville Primary School sent me this over the weekend...

"Dear Chris, A few highlights from the week....William wrote a W - he's 9 and nobody thought he ever would write, Jordan said "more" because he wanted another cuddle, he's 8 and nobody thought he ever would speak, and Spike was in the band for the reception class performance and managed to stay there for the whole time and, unexpectedly, took a bow. Sadie and James met Princess Anne and told her how they contribute to Youth on Health and Nathan and Amber helped decide on a provider for an E-ILP. These are all things that could not have happened in the school I went to or even in the first schools that I taught in. How wonderful to live in these times. Su"

We should never forget what we achieve as a team and the difference we are all making to the lives of children and young people.

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