Tuesday, 18 December 2007

I started the day at Grimes Dyke Primary School...

I had bought flowers and chocolates for Barbara Dixon who has worked at the school as a cleaner and lunchtime superviser for 33 years... 99 terms! What dedication and commitment and Barbara was now planning to go on a cruise. I also talked to Diana Mann about their latest OFSTED visit which had gone very well and walked around the school with Diana and her deputy.

The school has recently achieved the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard and been re-vaidated for the Leeds Inclusion Chartermark. The OFSTED report identifies satisfactory progress overall and good progress with leadership and management and children's personal development and well-being. The school was calm and purposeful and the atmosphere positive and happy with some excellent learning environments for the children. The school tracking system is home grown and enables the team to focus theri energy and efforts where it is needed... it's brilliant according to OFSTED!

Diana and her colleagues are working in a challenging community and on the basis of my visit the team are releasing something very special for a great group of young people.

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