Monday, 28 January 2008

Holocaust Memorial Day

My colleague Rehana Minhas, Strategic Manager for Equalities with Education Leeds attended the Holocaust Memorial Day event yesterday at Leeds Town Hall. Rehana told me that...

"The event was well attended by families, children and Faith Leaders, the Lord Mayor opened the event and two of our schools played a key part. Children from Adel Primary School gave origami peace doves to participants and asked for the message of peace to be passed on to others, and to post on the Adel Primary School website where the dove had 'travelled'. The school has maintained the work on peace, having produced an anthology of peace poems last year.

Priesthorpe High School's drama students worked with the 'Blah Blah' theatre group and Holocaust survivors to produce a very powerful multi media presentation to help the audience imagine the horrors of the Holocaust. The 'Blah Blah' theatre director said that they felt the experience of working in one school for the production made the experience meaningful for the young people and more learning took place which will be sustained. The young people interviewed some of the Holocaust survivors and used the recordings in the production."

The event explored the theme 'imagine, remember, reflect and react' which helps us all think about what mankind is still capable of and how we must never forget the need to challenge racism, intolerence, indifference and hatred wherever we find it.


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