Saturday, 2 February 2008

I went on to Ralph Thorsby High School to attend a performance of James Still's drama, 'And then they came for me - remembering the world of Anne Frank'...

The play sets out to show the experiences of a group of Jewish children sixty years ago in Nazi-occupied Europe. It was introduced by Greg Mulholland MP who has brought the play to Leeds and by Nic Careem, the Crestive Director of the Blue Sky Club, a non-profit making organisation which uses the arts to promote tolerance and understanding.

The play was a powerful and moving experience for everyone there and vividly demonstrated what happened, how hatred and prejudice was fostered and encouraged, how people were unable to resist hatred and evil and committed terrible acts against fellow human beings. Sadly we continue to see such things happening today and it makes it even more important that young people across Leeds see this play.

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