Wednesday, 20 February 2008

After lunch I visited Kerr Mackie Primary School...

Jon Farley, the headteacher had invited me to their Asian Heritage Week which celebrated the rich diversity of children's backgrounds and cultures and promoted community cohesion and understanding. The school was working with a range of partners including Hansa's Restaurant and the Annapurna Indian Dance Company. Children from Year 5 had been working on a Fairtrade project and were running a Fairtrade shop in the school.

I had the chance to look around the school and to attend a performance by the school's brilliant Dhol drummers and their fabulous Bollywood dancers. The school has a strong partnership with the Beaconhouse School in Lahore. Pakistan and one of the teachers, Mrs Lubna Malik, is currently in Leeds and she talked about her school, its curriculum and its achievements.

The thing that really hits you about Kerr Mackie is the wonderful children and its inclusive approach. It's a great school doing some amazing things and certainly when I visited John and his colleagues were releasing a very special kind of magic.

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